inguinal gland

inguinal gland
inguinal gland n INGUINAL NODE

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  • inguinal gland — noun : any of the superficial lymphatic glands of the groin made up of two more or less distinct groups of which one is disposed along Poupart s ligament and the other about the saphenous opening …   Useful english dictionary

  • inguinal node — n any of the superficial lymphatic nodes of the groin made up of two more or less distinct groups of which one is disposed along the inguinal ligament and the other about the saphenous opening called also inguinal gland …   Medical dictionary

  • inguinal — 1680s, from L. inguinalis of the groin, from inguen (gen. inguinis) groin, from PIE *engw groin, internal organ (Cf. Gk. aden gland ) …   Etymology dictionary

  • inguinal — [iŋ′gwi nəl] adj. [L inguinalis < inguen (gen. inguinis), the groin < IE base * ṇgwēn > OIce økkr, tumor, Gr adēn, gland] of or near the groin …   English World dictionary

  • gland — An organized aggregation of cells functioning as a secretory or excretory organ. SYN: glandula (1) [TA]. [L. glans, acorn] accessory g. a small mass of glandular structure, detached from but lying near another and larger g., to which it is… …   Medical dictionary

  • inguinal — /ing gweuh nl/, adj. of, pertaining to, or situated in the groin. [1675 85; < L inguinalis of the groin, equiv. to inguin (s. of inguen) swelling in the groin, groin (c. Gk adén gland; cf. ADENOID) + alis AL1] * * * …   Universalium

  • Mammary gland — in a human female Cross section of the breast of a human female …   Wikipedia

  • Bartholin's gland — Infobox Anatomy Name = Bartholin s gland Latin = glandula vestibularis major GraySubject = 270 GrayPage = 1266 Caption = Genital organs of female. Width = 190 Caption2 = Precursor = Urogenital sinus System = Artery = external pudendal artery… …   Wikipedia

  • mammary gland — any of the compound accessory reproductive organs of female mammals that occur in pairs on the chest or ventral surface and contain milk producing lobes with ducts that empty into an external nipple, becoming functional when young are born and… …   Universalium

  • in´gui|nal|ly — in|gui|nal «IHNG gwuh nuhl», adjective. of or in the region of the groin: »an inguinal gland, an inguinal hernia. ╂[< Latin inguinālis < inguen, inis groin] –in´gui|nal|ly, adverb …   Useful english dictionary

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