influenza virus vaccine

influenza virus vaccine
influenza virus vaccine n INFLUENZA VACCINE

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1. [USP] TIV; an inactivated trivalent virus vaccine, containing two influenza A virus strains and one influenza B virus strain, usually prepared from virus subunits; administered intramuscularly. The composition of the vaccine is changed each year in response to antigenic shifts and changes in prevalence of influenza virus strains. Annual immunization before November is recommended for children more than 6 months of age, adults over 50 years of age, persons who work in the healthcare industry, and persons at increased risk of developing complications from influenza. 2. LAIV; a live, attenuated, cold-adapted trivalent vaccine containing temperature-sensitive type A and B strains of influenza virus that can replicate in the nasal passages but not in the lower respiratory tract; administered intranasally for immunzation against influenza in persons ages 2 through 49 years.

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