general practitioner

general practitioner
general practitioner n a physician or veterinarian whose practice is not limited to a specialty

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a doctor working in the community who provides family health services to a local area. General practitioners (also known as family doctors or family practitioners) may work on their own or in a group practice in which they share premises and other resources with one or more other doctors. GPs are usually the first port of call for most patients with concerns about their health. They look after patients with wide-ranging medical conditions and can refer patients with more complex problems to specialists, such as hospital consultants. Most GPs work solely within the National Health Service but a few work completely privately. There have been several models of providing general practice, including the now obsolete fundholding system. The current situation allows for GPs to provide general medical services (GMS), the terms and conditions of which are governed by a national contract, or personal medical services (PMS), the terms and conditions of which are governed by locally negotiated contracts within a broad framework (see also Primary Care Group, Primary Care Trust). Most GPs are independent contractors although more recently there has been an increase in salaried GPs. GPs may employ a variety of staff, including practice nurse and counsellors.

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a physician in general practice; cf. family physician.

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