Clubfoot. The Latin word talipes was compounded from talus (ankle) + pes (foot) since, with the common ("classic") type of clubfoot (talipes equinovarus), the foot is turned in sharply and the person seems to be walking on their ankle. Talipes equinovalgus: Malformation of the foot evident at birth in which the heel is elevated like a horse’s hoof (equino-) and the heel is turned outward (valgus).
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Any deformity of the foot involving the talus. [L. talus, ankle, + pes, foot]
- t. calcaneovalgus t. calcaneus and t. valgus combined; the foot is dorsiflexed, everted, and abducted.
- t. calcaneovarus t. calcaneus and t. varus combined; the foot is dorsiflexed, inverted, and adducted.
- t. calcaneus a deformity due to weakness or absence of the calf muscles, in which the axis of the calcaneus becomes vertically oriented; commonly seen in poliomyelitis. SYN: calcaneus (2).
- t. cavus an exaggeration of the normal arch of the foot. SYN: contracted foot, pes cavus, t. plantaris.
- t. equinovalgus t. equinus and t. valgus combined; the foot is plantarflexed, everted, and abducted. SYN: equinovalgus, pes equinovalgus.
- t. equinovarus t. equinus and t. varus combined; the foot is plantarflexed, inverted, and adducted. SYN: clubfoot, equinovarus, pes equinovarus.
- t. equinus permanent plantar flexion of the foot so that only the ball rests on the ground; it is commonly combined with t. varus.
- t. plantaris SYN: t. cavus.
- t. planus SYN: pes planus.
- t. transversoplanus SYN: metatarsus latus.
- t. valgus permanent eversion of the foot, the inner side alone of the sole resting on the ground; it is usually combined with a breaking down of the plantar arch. SYN: pes abductus, pes pronatus, pes valgus.
- t. varus inversion of the foot, the outer side of the sole only touching the ground; usually some degree of t. equinus is associated with it, and often t. cavus. SYN: pes adductus, pes varus.

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tali·pes 'tal-ə-.pēz n CLUBFOOT (1)

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tal·i·pes (talґĭ-pēz) [L.] a congenital deformity of the foot, which is twisted out of shape or position; called also clubfoot and reel foot. See also under pes. talipedic adj

Various forms of talipes.

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