Erlenmeyer flask

Erlenmeyer flask
Er·len·mey·er flask .ər-lən-.mī(-ə)r-, .er-lən- n a flat-bottomed conical flask whose shape allows the contents to be swirled without danger of spilling
Er·len·mey·er 'er-lən-.mī(-ə)r, 'ər- Richard August Carl Emil (1825-1909)
German chemist. Erlenmeyer was one of the important figures of modern organic chemistry. He produced important works in both experimental and theoretical organic chemistry. His research concentrated on the synthesis and constitution of aliphatic compounds. He discovered and synthesized isobutyric acid in 1865, synthesized guanidine in 1868, and synthesized tyrosine in 1883. He is also credited with introducing the modern structural notation for organic compounds. In 1861 he invented the flask that bears his name.

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Er·len·mey·er flask (erґlən-mi″ər) [Emil Richard August Carl Erlenmeyer, German chemist, 1825–1909] see under flask.

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