eo·sin·o·phil .ē-ə-'sin-ə-.fil also eo·sin·o·phile -.fīl adj EOSINOPHILIC (1)
eosinophil also eosinophile n a white blood cell or other granulocyte with cytoplasmic inclusions readily stained by eosin

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a variety of white blood cell distinguished by the presence in its cytoplasm of coarse granules that stain orange-red with Romanowsky stains. The function of the eosinophil is poorly understood, but it is capable of ingesting foreign particles, is present in large numbers in lining or covering surfaces within the body, is involved in allergic responses, and may be involved in host defence against parasites. There are normally 40-400 x 106 eosinophils per litre of blood.

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eo·sin·o·phil (e″o-sinґo-fil) [eosin + -phil] 1. a granular leukocyte with a nucleus that usually has two lobes connected by a slender thread of chromatin, and cytoplasm containing coarse, round granules that are uniform in size. Called also eosinocyte and eosinophilic leukocyte. 2. any structure, cell, or histologic element readily stained by eosin.

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