A device used in medicine to inject fluid into or withdraw fluid from the body. Medical syringes consist of a needle attached to a hollow cylinder that is fitted with a sliding plunger. The downward movement of the plunger injects fluid; upward movement withdraws fluid. Medical syringes were once made of metal or glass, and required cleaning and sterilizing before they could be used again. Now most syringes used in medicine are plastic and disposable. The Irish physician Francis Rynd in 1845 reported how he had used a hypodermic syringe to inject fluids into a patient at Dublin’s Meath Hospital. Rynd, who invented the hypodermic syringe, published his results in the "Dublin Medical Press." The word "syringe" is derived from "syrinx" and "syringos," Greek words for "pipe" and "tube."
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An instrument used for injecting or withdrawing fluids, consisting of a barrel and plunger. [G. syrinx, pipe or tube]
- air s. SYN: chip s..
- chip s. a tapered metal tube through which air is forced from a rubber bulb or pressure tank to blow debris from, or to dry, a cavity in preparing teeth for restoration. SYN: air s..
- control s. a type of Luer-Lok s. with thumb and finger rings attached to the proximal end of the barrel and to the tip of the plunger, allowing operation of the s. with one hand. SYN: ring s..
- Davidson s. a rubber tube, armed with an appropriate nozzle, intersected with a compressible bulb, with valves so arranged that compression forces the fluid, into which one end of the tube is inserted, forward to the nozzle end.
- dental s. a breech-loading metal cartridge s. into which fits a hermetically sealed glass cartridge containing the anesthetic solution.
- fountain s. an apparatus consisting of a reservoir for holding fluid, to the bottom of which is attached a tube with a suitable nozzle; used for vaginal or rectal injections, irrigating wounds, etc., the force of the flow being regulated by the height of the reservoir above the point of discharge.
- hypodermic s. a small s. with a barrel (which may be calibrated), perfectly matched plunger, and tip; used with a hollow needle for subcutaneous injections and for aspiration. SYN: hypodermic (3).
- Luer s. a glass s. with a metal tip and locking device to secure the needle; used for hypodermic and intravenous purposes. SYN: Luer-Lok s..
- Luer-Lok s. SYN: Luer s..
- probe s. a s. with an olive-shaped tip, used in treatment of diseases of the lacrimal passages.
- ring s. SYN: control s..
- Roughton-Scholander s. SYN: Roughton-Scholander apparatus.
- rubber-bulb s. a s. with a hollow rubber bulb and cannula provided with a check valve, used to obtain a jet of air or water.

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sy·ringe sə-'rinjalso 'sir-inj n a device used to inject fluids into or withdraw them from something (as the body or its cavities): as
a) a device that consists of a nozzle of varying length and a compressible rubber bulb and is used for injection or irrigation <an ear \syringe>
b) an instrument (as for the injection of medicine or the withdrawal of bodily fluids) that consists of a hollow barrel fitted with a plunger and a hollow needle
c) a gravity device consisting of a reservoir fitted with a long rubber tube ending with an exchangeable nozzle that is used for irrigation of the vagina or bowel
syringe vt, sy·ringed; sy·ring·ing

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an instrument consisting of a piston in a tight-fitting tube that is attached to a hollow needle or thin tube. A syringe is used to give injections, remove material from a part of the body, or to wash out a cavity, such as the outer ear.

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sy·ringe (sĭ-rinjґ) (sirґinj) [L. syrinxe; Gr. syrinx] an instrument for injecting liquids into or withdrawing them from any vessel or cavity.

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