: In blood transfusion and transplantation, a situation in which the donor and recipient are the same person. Patients scheduled for non-emergency surgery may be autologous donors by donating blood for themselves that will be stored until the surgery. An autologous graft is providing a graft, for example of skin, to yourself.
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1. Occurring naturally and normally in a certain type of tissue or in a specific structure of the body. 2. In transplantation, referring to a graft in which the donor and recipient areas are in the same individual, or to blood that the donor has previously donated and then receives back, usually during surgery. 3. Sometimes used to denote a neoplasm derived from cells that occur normally at that sight, e.g., a squamous cell carcinoma in the upper esophagus. SYN: autogenous (1). [auto- + G. logos, relation]

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au·tol·o·gous ȯ-'täl-ə-gəs adj
1) derived from the same individual <\autologous grafts> <incubated lymphoid cells with \autologous tumor cells> compare HETEROLOGOUS (1), HOMOLOGOUS (2a)
2) involving one individual as both donor and recipient (as of blood) <\autologous transfusion> <\autologous bone marrow transplants>

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denoting a graft that is derived from the recipient of the graft.

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au·tol·o·gous (aw-tolґə-gəs) [auto- + log- + -ous] related to self; originating within an organism itself, as an autograft or autotransfusion. Called also autogeneic and autogenous.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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