decompression sickness

decompression sickness
decompression sickness n a sometimes fatal disorder that is marked by neuralgic pains and paralysis, distress in breathing, and often collapse and that is caused by the release of gas bubbles (as of nitrogen) in tissue upon too rapid decrease in air pressure after a stay in a compressed atmosphere called also bends, caisson disease, decompression illness, decompression syndrome see AEROEMBOLISM

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joint pains, respiratory manifestations, skin lesions, and neurologic signs occurring in aviators who ascend too quickly to high altitudes or in persons who have been breathing compressed air in caissons or diving apparatus if air pressure is reduced too rapidly, because gases that were dissolved in the blood under the high pressure suddenly go out of solution and form bubbles that go into the capillaries and interfere with blood flow. Called also caisson s. or disease, compressed-air s., divers' palsy, and divers' paralysis.

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