chik·un·gun·ya .chik-ən-'gu̇n-yə, .chik-u̇ŋ- n a febrile disease that resembles dengue, occurs esp. in parts of Africa, India, and southeastern Asia, and is caused by a togavirus of the genus Alphavirus (species Chikungunya virus) transmitted by mosquitoes esp. of the genus Aedes called also chikungunya fever

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chik·un·gun·ya (chik″ən-gunґyə) [Makonde language of Tanzania and Mozambique, “that which bends up”] a self-limited disease resembling dengue, seen mainly in Africa and South and Southeast Asia, caused by an alphavirus transmitted chiefly by mosquitoes of genus Aedes; its most prominent symptoms are musculoskeletal and it has occasionally been associated with hemorrhagic fever.

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