Rotation of the arm or leg outward. In the case of the arm, the palm of the hand will face forward.
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The condition of being supine; the act of assuming or of being placed in a supine position.
- s. of the foot inversion and abduction of the foot, causing an elevation of the medial edge.
- s. of the forearm rotation of the forearm in such a way that the palm of the hand faces foreward when the arm is in the anatomical position, or upward when the arm is extended at a right angle to the body.

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su·pi·na·tion .sü-pə-'nā-shən n
1) rotation of the forearm and hand so that the palm faces forward or upward and the radius lies parallel to the ulna also a corresponding movement of the foot and leg in which the foot rolls outward with an elevated arch so that in walking the foot tends to come down on its outer edge
2) the position resulting from supination

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the act of turning the hand so that the palm is uppermost. Compare pronation.

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su·pi·na·tion (soo″pĭ-naґshən) [L. supinatio] the act of assuming the supine position, or the state of being supine. Applied to the hand, the act of turning the palm forward (anteriorly) or upward, performed by lateral rotation of the forearm. Applied to the foot, it generally implies movements resulting in raising of the medial margin of the foot, hence of the longitudinal arch. Cf. pronation.

Supination: supinators contracted, the palm turned forward.

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