Systemic (bodywide) illness with toxicity due to invasion of the bloodstream by virulent bacteria coming from a local seat of infection. The symptoms of chills, fever and exhaustion are caused by the bacteria and substances they produce. The disorder is treated with massive doses of antibiotics. Also known as blood poisoning.
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Systemic disease caused by the spread of microorganisms and their toxins via the circulating blood; formerly called “blood poisoning.” SEE ALSO: pyemia. SYN: septic fever, septic intoxication. [G. sepsis, putrefaction, + haima, blood]
- acute fulminating meningococcal s. SYN: Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome.
- anthrax s. SYN: anthracemia.
- cryptogenic s. a form of s. in which no primary focus of infection can be found.
- metastasizing s. sepsis, with entry of microorganisms into the bloodstream leading to abscess formation at a distance from the original site of infection.
- morphine injector's s. bloodstream infection in an individual who injects him or herself with narcotics, usually intravenously, due to bacterial contamination of equipment used. Seen more often with heroin and narcotics other than morphine.
- plague s. infection with the plague organism, Yersinia pestis, with bloodstream infection.
- puerperal s. a severe bloodstream infection resulting from an obstetric delivery or procedure.
- typhoid s. typhoid during the phase when the organism can be cultured from the blood. SYN: typhosepsis.

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sep·ti·ce·mia or chiefly Brit sep·ti·cae·mia .sep-tə-'sē-mē-ə n invasion of the bloodstream by virulent microorganisms (as bacteria, viruses, or fungi) from a focus of infection that is accompanied by acute systemic illness called also blood poisoning see PYEMIA compare sepsis
sep·ti·ce·mic or chiefly Brit sep·ti·cae·mic -'sē-mik adj

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sep·ti·ce·mia (sep″tĭ-seґme-ə) [septic + -emia] systemic disease associated with the presence and persistence of pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins in the blood. Called also blood poisoning and sepsis. septicemic adj

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