A family of fungal organisms and molds, some of which can cause disease (aspergillosis).
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A genus of fungi (class Ascomycetes) that contains many species, a number of them with black, brown, or green spores. A few species are pathogenic for humans, avians, and other animals. There are about 300 species in this genus. [Med. L. a sprinkler, fr. L. aspergo, to sprinkle]
- A. clavatus a fungal species isolated from soil and feces; it yields a carcinogenic mycotoxin known as patulin.
- A. flavus a fungal species with yellow-green conidia that is found growing on grains; may produce aflatoxin, which is the cause of aflatoxicosis in poultry and cattle, and is carcinogenic for rats and possibly humans; causes invasive aspergillosis in humans and animals.
- A. fumigatus a fungal species that yields the antibiotics fumigacin and fumigatin, and is the common cause of aspergillosis in humans and birds.
- A. nidulans a species that causes one form of mycetoma, and occasionally causes aspergillosis in humans and other animals.
- A. niger a species with black spores, often present in the external auditory meatus but rarely pathogenic; used in the commercial manufacturing of citric and gluconic acid s.
- A. terreus a species that produces the antibiotic citrinin; it has been isolated from otomycosis, especially in Japan and Taiwan, and occasionally causes aspergillosis in humans and animals.

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as·per·gil·lus -'jil-əs n
1) cap a genus of ascomycetous fungi with branched radiate sporophores including many common molds
2) pl -gil·li -'jil-.ī, -(.)ē any fungus of the genus Aspergillus

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a genus of fungi, including many common moulds, some of which cause infections of the respiratory system in humans. The species A. fumigatus causes aspergillosis. A. niger is commonly found in the external ear and can become pathogenic.

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As·per·gil·lus (as″pər-jilґəs) [L. aspergere to scatter] a genus of Fungi Imperfecti of the form-class Hyphomycetes, form-family Moniliaceae. When found, the perfect, or sexual, stage is classified with the ascomycetous fungi in the family Trichocomaceae. This genus includes several common molds and some that are opportunistic pathogens and is characterized by elongated conidiophores thickly set with chains of basipetally formed conidia. See also illustration at mold.

Aspergillus. Hyphae and a conidiophore.

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