: An artificial sweetener which diluted in water is 300-500 times sweeter than the sugar sucrose. (Saccharin is o-sulfobenzimide; 2,3-dihydro-3-oxobenzisosulfonazole.) The US government removed saccharin from its list of potential cancer-causing agents in 2000 because tests showing it causes tumors in rats proved not to apply to people.
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In dilute aqueous solution it is 300–500 times sweeter than sucrose; used as a noncaloric sweetening agent (sugar substitute); s. sodium and s. calcium have the same use. SYN: benzosulfimide.

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sac·cha·rin 'sak-(ə-)rən n a crystalline cyclic imide C7H5NO3S that is unrelated to the carbohydrates, is several hundred times sweeter than sucrose, and is used as a calorie-free sweetener called also benzosulfimide, gluside

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sac·cha·rin (sakґə-rin) [NF] a white crystalline compound, several hundred times sweeter than sucrose; used as a sweetening agent in pharmaceutical preparations.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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