The restoration of skills by a person who has had an illness or injury so they regain maximum self-sufficiency and can function in a normal or as near normal manner as possible. For example, after a stroke, rehabilitation may be important to walk again and speak clearly again. The word comes from the Latin "rehabilitare" meaning to make fit again.
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Restoration, following disease, illness, or injury, of the ability to function in a normal or near-normal manner. [L. rehabilitare, pp. -tatus, to make fit, fr. re- + habilitas, ability]
- mouth r. restoration of the form and function of the masticatory apparatus to as nearly a normal condition as possible.

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re·ha·bil·i·ta·tion .rē-(h)ə-.bil-ə-'tā-shən n, often attrib
1) the action or process of rehabilitating or of being rehabilitated: as
a) the physical restoration of a sick or disabled person by therapeutic measures and reeducation to participation in the activities of a normal life within the limitations of the person's physical disability <\rehabilitation after coronary occlusion>
b) the process of restoring an individual to a useful and constructive place in society esp. through some form of vocational, correctional, or therapeutic retraining
2) the result of rehabilitating: the state of being rehabilitated <\rehabilitation of the patient>

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1. (in physical medicine) the treatment of an ill, injured, or disabled patient with the aim of restoring normal health and function or to prevent the disability from getting worse.
2. any means for restoring the independence of a patient after diseases or injury, including employment retraining.

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re·ha·bil·i·ta·tion (re″hə-bil″ĭ-taґshən) [L. rehabilitare to rehabilitate] 1. the restoration of normal form and function after injury or illness. 2. the restoration of the ill or injured patient to optimal functional level in the home and community in relation to physical, psychosocial, vocational, and recreational activity.

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