: The term used when liquid backs up into the esophagus from the stomach.
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1. A backward flow. SEE ALSO: regurgitation. 2. In chemistry, to boil without loss of vapor because of the presence of a condenser that returns vapor as liquid. [L. re-, back, + fluxus, a flow]
- abdominojugular r. SYN: hepatojugular r..
- esophageal r., gastroesophageal r. regurgitation of the contents of the stomach into the esophagus, possibly into the pharynx where they can be aspirated between the vocal cords and down into the trachea; symptoms of burning pain and acid taste result; pulmonary complications of aspiration are dependent upon the amount, content, and acidity of the aspirate.
- hepatojugular r. an elevation of venous pressure visible in the jugular veins and measurable in the veins of the arm, produced in active or impending congestive heart failure and constrictive pericarditis by firm pressure with the flat hand over the abdomen. Often called hepatojugular r. when pressure is exclusively over the liver. SYN: abdominojugular r..
- intrarenal r. urinary r. from renal pelvis and calices into the collecting ducts. This is seen as a blush of the renal pyramid on voiding cystourethrography. SYN: pyelotubular r..
- pyelotubular r. SYN: intrarenal r..
- ureterorenal r. backward flow of urine from ureter into renal pelvis.
- vesicoureteral r. backward flow of urine from bladder into ureter.

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re·flux 'rē-.fləks n
1 a) a flowing back: REGURGITATION <\reflux of gastric acid> <mitral valve \reflux>
2) a process of refluxing or condition of being refluxed <the sample was hydrolyzed...under \reflux for 24 hours (T. Y. Ho )(et al)>
reflux adj of, relating to, involving, or caused by reflux <\reflux esophagitis>
reflux vt to cause to flow back or return esp to heat (as under a reflux condenser) so that the vapors formed condense to a liquid that flows back to be heated again vi to flow back <damage to the esophageal mucous membrane when gastric acid refluxed into the esophagus>

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a backflow of liquid, against its normal direction of movement. See also oesophagitis, vesicoureteric reflux.

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re·flux (reґfləks) [re- + flux] a backward or return flow. Cf. backflow and regurgitation (def. 1).

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