: The last 6 to 8 inches of the large intestine. The rectum stores solid waste until it leaves the body through the anus. The word rectum comes from the Latin rectus meaning straight (which the human rectum is not).
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The terminal portion of the digestive tube, extending from the rectosigmoid junction to the anal canal. (Perineal flexure). [L. rectus, straight, pp. of rego, to make straight]

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rec·tum 'rek-təm n, pl rectums or rec·ta -tə the terminal part of the intestine from the sigmoid colon to the anus

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the terminal part of the large intestine, about 12 cm long, which runs from the sigmoid colon to the anal canal. Faeces are stored in the rectum before defecation.
rectal adj.

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rec·tum (rekґtəm) [L. “straight”] [TA] the distal portion of the large intestine, beginning anterior to the third sacral vertebra as a continuation of the sigmoid and ending at the anal canal. rectal adj

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