Pain in the joints. There are many possible causes of pain in a joint. The Greek "algos" means "pain."
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Pain in a joint, especially one not inflammatory in character. SYN: arthrodynia. [G. arthron, joint, + algos, pain]
- intermittent a. SYN: periodic a..
- periodic a. [MIM*112270] a condition in which there is pain and swelling, thought originally to involve the joints, but now known to localize to the shafts of long bones, occurring at regular intervals; there is sometimes abdominal pain, purpura, or edema. SYN: intermittent a., periodic bone pain.
- a. saturnina severe pain, chiefly on flexion of the joints of the lower extremities, in lead poisoning.

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ar·thral·gia är-'thral-j(ē-)ə n pain in one or more joints
ar·thral·gic -jik adj

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severe pain in a joint, without swelling or other signs of arthritis. Compare arthritis.

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ar·thral·gia (ahr-thralґjə) [arthr- + -algia] pain in a joint; called also arthrodynia. arthralgic adj

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