A film with an image of body tissues that was produced when the body was placed adjacent to the film while radiating with X-rays.
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A negative image on photographic film made by exposure to x-rays or gamma rays that have passed through matter or tissue. SYN: roentgenogram, roentgenograph, x-ray (3). [radio- + G. grapho, to write]
- bitewing r. intraoral dental film adapted to show the coronal portion and cervical third of the root of the teeth in near occlusion; especially useful in detecting interproximal caries and determining alveolar septal height.
- cephalometric r. a radiographic view of the jaws and skull permitting measurement. SYN: cephalogram.
- decubitus r. a r. of a recumbent subject on his side, made in the frontal projection with a horizontal x-ray beam. SYN: lateral decubitus r..
- lateral oblique r. a radiographic view of the mandible, revealing one side of the mandible from symphysis to condyle by displacing the other side upwards.
- lateral ramus r. a radiographic view of the mandibular ramus and condyle.
- lateral skull r. a true lateral projection r. of facial bones and calvarium, showing bone structures and air-containing passages.
- maxillary sinus r. a radiographic frontal view of the maxillary sinuses, orbits, nasal structures and zygomas; permits direct comparison of the sides. SYN: Waters view r..
- occlusal r. intraoral section film positioned on the occlusal plane and used in visualizing entire sections of the jaw; especially useful in exploring calcifications of the sublingual salivary glands.
- panoramic r. a radiographic view of the maxillae and mandible extending from the left to the right glenoid fossae.
- periapical r. a r. demonstrating tooth apices and surrounding structures in a particular intraoral area.
- scout r. SYN: scout film.
- submental vertex r. SYN: submentovertex r..
- submentovertex r. a radiographic projection showing the base of the skull, positions of the mandibular condyles, and zygomatic arches. SYN: base view, submental vertex r..
- Towne projection r. See Towne projection.
- transcranial r. a radiographic view of the temporomandibular articulation.
- Trendelenburg r. r. of a subject tilted head downwards, usually in the decubitus position; used to detect small pleural effusions.
- Waters view r. SYN: maxillary sinus r..

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ra·dio·graph -.graf n an X-ray or gamma-ray photograph
radiograph vt to make a radiograph of

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ra·dio·graph (raґde-o-graf″) a film produced by radiography.

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