A descriptive term for something that is in a cluster or bunch.From the Latin “racemus” meaning “a cluster or bunch, particularly of grapes.”
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Branching, with nodular terminations; resembling a bunch of grapes. [L. racemosus, full of clusters]

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ra·ce·mose 'ras-ə-.mōs; rā-'sē-, rə- adj having or growing in a form like that of a cluster of grapes <\racemose glands>

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resembling a bunch of grapes. The term is applied particularly to a compound gland the secretory part of which consists of a number of small sacs.

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rac·e·mose (rasґə-mōs) [L. racemosus] resembling a bunch of grapes on its stalk.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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