1. Inactive, resting. For example, tuberculosis can be a quiescent (inactive) infection. 2. Marked by a state of inactivity, repose, or tranquillity. For example, a quiescent stem cell is a stem cell that is resting at the time but that might be stimulated later to divide and proliferate. Quiescent also means causing no trouble or symptoms. For example, a case of leukemia may be quiescent, causing no problems; the leukemia is in remission and the person has no symptoms of it. The word "quiescent" comes from the Latin "quiescere", to become silent. Quiescent often suggests a temporary cessation of activity, as in "a quiescent disease."
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At rest or inactive.

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qui·es·cent -ənt adj
1) being in a state of arrest <\quiescent tuberculosis>
2) causing no symptoms <\quiescent gallstones>

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describing a disease that is in an inactive or undetectable phase.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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