: The probable outcome or course of a disease; the patient's chance of recovery.
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A forecast of the probable course and/or outcome of a disease. [G. p., fr. pro, before, + gignosko, to know]
- denture p. an opinion or judgment, given in advance of treatment, of the prospects for success in the construction and usefulness of a denture or restoration.

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prog·no·sis präg-'nō-səs n, pl -no·ses -.sēz
1) the act or art of foretelling the course of a disease
2) the prospect of survival and recovery from a disease as anticipated from the usual course of that disease or indicated by special features of the case <the \prognosis is poor because of the accompanying cardiovascular disease (P. A. Mead )(et al)>

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an assessment of the future course and outcome of a patient's disease, based on knowledge of the course of the disease in other patients together with the general health, age, and sex of the patient.

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prog·no·sis (prog-noґsis) [Gr. prognōsis foreknowledge] a forecast as to the probable outcome of an attack of disease; the prospect as to recovery from a disease as indicated by the nature and symptoms of the case.

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