An official authoritative listing of drugs. Aspirin has, for example, long been in the pharmacopoeia. By extension, a pharmacopoeia is a collection or stock of drugs.

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phar·ma·co·poe·ia or phar·ma·co·pe·ia .fär-mə-kə-'pē-(y n
1) a book describing drugs, chemicals, and medicinal preparations esp one issued by an officially recognized authority and serving as a standard compare DISPENSATORY (1)
2) a collection or stock of drugs
phar·ma·co·poe·ial or phar·ma·co·pe·ial -(y)əl adj

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a book containing a list of the drugs used in medicine, with details of their formulae, methods of preparation, dosages, standards of purity, etc.

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phar·ma·co·poe·ia (fahr″mə-ko-peґə) pharmacopeia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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