The study of how an individual's genetic inheritance (their genome) affects their body's response to drugs. The term "pharmacogenomics" comes from the words pharmacology and genomics and is thus the intersection of pharmaceuticals and genetics. Pharmacogenomics holds the promise that drugs might one day be tailor-made for individuals and adapted to each person's own genetic makeup. Environment, diet, age, lifestyle, and state of health all can influence a person's response to medicines, but understanding an individual's genetic makeup is thought to be the key to creating personalized drugs with greater efficacy and safety. Pharmacogenomics combines traditional pharmaceutical sciences such as biochemistry with annotated knowledge of genes, proteins, and single nucleotide polymorphisms.
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phar·ma·co·ge·no·mics -jē-'nō-miks n pl but sing in constr a biotechnological science that combines the techniques of medicine, pharmacology, and genomics and is concerned with developing drug therapies to compensate for genetic differences in patients which cause varied responses to a single therapeutic regimen
phar·ma·co·ge·no·mic -mik adj

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phar·ma·co·ge·no·mics (fahr″mə-ko-jə-noґmiks) the study of the inherited variations in genes that dictate drug response and the way these can be used to predict individual responses to a drug, using a genome-wide approach. In practice, the term is often used interchangeably with pharmacogenetics.

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