A professional who fills prescriptions, and in the case of a compounding pharmacist, makes them. Pharmacists are familiar with medication ingredients, interactions, cautions, and hints. Pharmacists are thus trained to prepare and distribute medicines and to give information about them.
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One who is licensed to prepare and dispense drugs and compounds and is knowledgeable concerning their properties. SYN: pharmaceutist. [G. pharmakon, a drug]

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phar·ma·cist 'fär-mə-səst n a person licensed to engage in pharmacy

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a person who is qualified by examination and registered and authorized to dispense medicines or to keep open a shop for the sale and dispensing of medicines.

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phar·ma·cist (fahrґmə-sist) an individual who is licensed to prepare and sell or dispense drugs and compounds, and to make up prescriptions. Called also apothecary, druggist, and chemist (British).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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