: A chemotherapy technique that may be used when melanoma occurs on an arm or leg. The flow of blood to and from the limb is stopped for a while with a tourniquet, and anticancer drugs are put directly into the blood of the limb. This allows the patient to receive a high dose of drugs in the area where the melanoma occurred.
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1. The act of perfusing. 2. The flow of blood or other perfusate per unit volume of tissue, as in ventilation/p. ratio.
- regional p. p. of part of the body, especially a limb, and particularly with chemotherapeutic agents, for treatment of a malignant tumor, primary, recurrent, or metastatic.

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per·fu·sion -'fyü-zhən n an act or instance of perfusing specif the pumping of a fluid through an organ or tissue <believes that intermittent better and safer than continuous \perfusion (Yr. Bk. of Urology)>

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1. the passage of fluid through a tissue, especially the passage of blood through the lung tissue to pick up oxygen from the air in the alveoli, which is brought there by ventilation, and release carbon dioxide. If ventilation is impaired deoxygenated venous blood is returned to the general circulation. If perfusion is impaired insufficient gas exchange takes place.
2. the deliberate introduction of fluid into a tissue, usually by injection into the blood vessels supplying the tissue.

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per·fu·sion (pər-fuґzhən) 1. the act of pouring over or through, especially the passage of a fluid through the vessels of a specific organ. 2. a liquid poured over or through an organ or tissue.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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