A small solid rounded bump rising from the skin that is usually less than 1 centimeter in diameter (less than 3/8 inch across). Papules may open when scratched and become crusty and infected. The term "papule" is derived from Latin from "papula," a pimple. Dermatologists (and other physicians) call any small solid circumscribed bump in the skin a papule, as opposed to a vesicle which contains fluid or a macule which is flat and even with the surrounding skin.
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A circumscribed, solid elevation up to 100 cm in diameter on the skin. A p. may be pedunculated, sessile, or filiform. [L. papula, pimple]
- follicular p. a papular lesion arising about a hair follicle; not specific for any condition.
- moist p., mucous p. SYN: condyloma latum.
- piezogenic pedal p. pressure-induced papules of the heel, occurring probably as a result of herniation of fat tissue.
- pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) intensely pruritic papulovesicles that begin on the abdomen in the third trimester and spread peripherally, resolves rapidly after delivery, and does not affect the fetus.
- split papules p.'s at commissures of the mouth seen in some cases of secondary syphilis.

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pap·ule 'pap-(.)yül n a small solid usu. conical elevation of the skin caused by inflammation, accumulated secretion, or hypertrophy of tissue elements

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a small raised spot on the skin, less than 5 mm in diameter.

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pap·ule (papґūl) [L. papula] a small circumscribed, superficial, solid elevation of the skin less than 1 cm (0.5 cm according to some authorities) in diameter. papular adj


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