A non-cancerous tumor in bone tissue. Osteoblastomas are small, and are seen most frequently in children or young adults. Symptoms include pain and bone mass reduction. Treatment is by surgery, sometimes followed by chemotherapy.
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An uncommon benign tumor of osteoblasts with areas of osteoid and calcified tissue, occurring most frequently in the spine of a young person. SYN: giant osteoid osteoma.

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os·teo·blas·to·ma -bla-'stō-mə n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə a benign tumor of bone

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os·teo·blas·to·ma (os″te-o-blas-toґmə) [osteoblast + -oma] a benign, painful, rather vascular tumor of bone characterized by the formation of osteoid tissue and primitive bone; called also giant osteoid osteoma.

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