Surgery to bring down an undescended testicle.
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1. Surgical treatment of an undescended testicle by freeing it and implanting it into the scrotum. 2. Anchoring a testis susceptible to torsion in the scrotum. SYN: orchidopexy, orchidorraphy, orchiorrhaphy. [orchio- + G. pexis, fixation]
- transseptal o. SYN: Ombrédanne operation.

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or·chi·o·pexy 'ȯr-kē-ō-.pek-sē n, pl -pex·ies ORCHIDOPEXY

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or·chio·pexy (orґke-o-pek″se) [orchio- + -pexy] surgical fixation in the scrotum of an undescended testis; called also orchidopexy.

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