Literally, a new growth. Neoplasm is another word for a tumor.
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An abnormal tissue that grows by cellular proliferation more rapidly than normal and continues to grow after the stimuli that initiated the new growth cease. Neoplasms show partial or complete lack of structural organization and functional coordination with the normal tissue, and usually form a distinct mass of tissue that may be either benign (benign tumor) or malignant (cancer). SYN: new growth, tumor (2). [neo- + G. plasma, thing formed]
- histoid n. old term for a n. characterized by a cytohistologic pattern that closely resembles the tissue from which the neoplastic cells are derived.

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neo·plasm 'nē-ə-.plaz-əm n a new growth of tissue serving no physiological function: TUMOR

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any new and abnormal growth: any benign or malignant tumour.
neoplastic adj.

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neo·plasm (neґo-plaz″əm) [neo- + -plasm] any new and abnormal growth; specifically a new growth of tissue in which the growth is uncontrolled and progressive (see neoplasia). Malignant neoplasms are distinguished from benign in that the former show a greater degree of anaplasia and have the properties of invasion and metastasis. Called also tumor.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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