Multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma
A malignancy of plasma cells (a form of lymphocyte) that typically involves multiple sites within the bone morrow and secretes all

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multiple myeloma n a disease of bone marrow that is characterized by the presence of numerous myelomas in various bones of the body called also myelomatosis

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a disseminated type of plasma cell dyscrasia characterized by multiple bone marrow tumor foci and secretion of an M component, associated with widespread osteolytic lesions resulting in bone pain, pathologic fractures, hypercalcemia, and normochromic normocytic anemia; spread to extraosseous sites occurs frequently in advanced disease. Depression of immunoglobulin levels results in increased susceptibility to infection. Bence Jones proteinuria is present in many cases and may result in systemic amyloidosis. Renal failure from calcium nephropathy or extensive cast formation may also occur. Called also plasma cell m. See also myeloma cell, under cell.

Multiple myeloma in bone marrow, showing large plasma cells with nucleoli.

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