Pertaining to mucus, a thick fluid produced by the lining of some tissues of the body. "Mucus" without an "o" is the Latin noun for "a slimy semifluid discharge from the nose." "Mucous" with an "o" is the corresponding adjective.
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Relating to mucus or a m. membrane. [L. mucosus, m., fr. mucus]

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mu·cous 'myü-kəs adj
1) covered with or as if with mucus <a \mucous surface>
2) of, relating to, or resembling mucus <a \mucous secretion>
3) secreting or containing mucus <\mucous glands of the intestine>

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mu·cous (muґkəs) [L. mucosus] 1. pertaining to or relating to mucus. 2. covered with mucus. 3. secreting, producing, or containing mucus.

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