A naturally occurring hydrated sodium aluminum silicate, Na2O Al2O3 (SiO2)x (H2O)x, used for softening of hard water by exchanging its Na+ for the Ca2+ of the water; thus z. is an ion exchanger. Some synthetic ion exchangers are termed synthetic zeolites, although there is no chemical relationship.

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ze·o·lite 'zē-ə-.līt n any of various hydrous silicates that can act as ion exchangers also any of various natural or synthesized silicates of similar structure used in water softening and as adsorbents
ze·o·lit·ic .zē-ə-'lit-ik adj

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ze·o·lite (zeґo-lit) any of a group of hydrated aluminum silicate minerals; some have ion-exchange properties and others are used as absorbents or filters. See also erionite.

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