Symbol for Kienböck unit; xanthosine; halogen atom; unspecified amino acid.
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androgenic [zone]; cross; crossbite; exophoria distance; exposure; extra; female sex chromosome; ionization exposure; ionization exposure rate; Kienbock's unit of x-ray exposure; magnification; multiplication symbol; reactance; removal of; respirations [anesthesia chart]; Roman numeral ten; start of anesthesia; "times"; translocation between two X chromosomes; transverse; unknown quantity; xanthosine; X unit; xylene sample mean

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1) cap halogen atom used in general formulas (as of trihalomethane CHX3)
2) power of magnification
x 'eks n, pl x's or xs or x'es or xes 'ek-səz the basic or monoploid number of chromosomes of a polyploid series: the number contained in a single genome compare N (1)

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Kienbцck unit; xanthine; xanthosine.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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