The anterior appendage of a bird. SYN: ala (1).
- angel w. a deformity in which both scapulae project conspicuously. SEE ALSO: winged scapula.
- ashen w. SYN: vagal (nerve) trigone.
- w. of central lobule [TA] the lateral winglike projection of the central lobule of the cerebellum; made up of an inferior part [TA], which is the lateral portion of lobule II (of Larsell), and a superior part [TA], which is the lateral portion of lobule III (of Larsell). SYN: ala central lobule [TA], ala lobulis centralis [TA], ala cerebelli.
- w. of crista galli SYN: ala of crista galli.
- gray w. SYN: vagal (nerve) trigone.
- greater w. of sphenoid (bone) [TA] strong squamous processes extending in a broad superolateral curve from the body of the sphenoid bone. The greater w. presents these surfaces (facies): 1) cerebral surface : forms anterior third of the floor of the lateral portion of the middle cranial fossa; 2) temporal surface : forms the deepest portion of the temporal fossa; 3) infratemporal surface, forms the “roof” of the infratemporal fossa; 4) orbital surface : forms posterolateral wall of orbit. The greater w. forms the inferior border of the supraorbital fissure, and is perforated at its root by foramina rotundum ovale and spinosum and the pterygoid canal. SYN: ala major ossis sphenoidalis [TA], ala temporalis.
- w. of ilium ala of ilium.
- lesser w. of sphenoid (bone) [TA] one of a bilateral pair of triangular, pointed plates extending laterally from the anterolateral body of the sphenoid bone. Forming the posteriormost portion of the floor of the anterior cranial fossa, their sharp posterior edge forms the sphenoidal ridge separating anterior and middle cranial fossae. The medial end of the lesser w. attaches to the body by means of two pedicles, thus forming the optic canal. The w. itself forms the superior margin of the supraorbital fissure. SYN: ala minor ossis sphenoidalis [TA], ala orbitalis, Ingrassia process.
- w. of nose SYN: ala of nose.
- w. of sacrum ala of sacrum.
- w. of vomer SYN: ala of vomer.

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wing 'wiŋ n
1) one of the movable feathered or membranous paired appendages by means of which a bird, bat, or insect is able to fly
2) a winglike anatomical part or process: ALA esp any of the four winglike processes of the sphenoid bone see GREATER WING, LESSER WING
winged 'wiŋd, 'wiŋ-əd adj

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(wing) [L. ala] 1. either of the paired anterior appendages of birds, which are modified for flight. 2. a structure or part resembling the wing of a bird; called also ala.

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