The therapeutic practice of manipulating the muscles and limbs to ease tension and reduce pain. Massage can be a part of physical therapy or practiced on its own. It can be highly effective for reducing the symptoms of arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other disorders of the muscles and/or nervous system.
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A method of manipulation of the body or portion thereof by rubbing, pinching, kneading, tapping, etc. SYN: tripsis (2). [Fr. from G. masso, to knead]
- cardiac m. SYN: heart m..
- closed chest m. rhythmic compression of the heart between sternum and spine by depressing the lower sternum backward with the heels of the hands, the patient lying supine. SYN: external cardiac m..
- external cardiac m. SYN: closed chest m..
- gingival m. mechanical stimulation of the gingiva by rubbing or pressure.
- heart m. rhythmic m. of the heart either in an open chest or through the chest wall to renew failed circulation during cardiac resuscitation. SYN: cardiac m..
- open chest m. rhythmic manual compression of the ventricles of the heart with the hand inside the thoracic cavity.
- prostatic m. 1. manual expression of prostatic secretions by digital rectal technique; 2. the emptying of prostatic acini and ducts by repeated downward compression maneuvers, for treatment of various congestive and inflammatory prostatic conditions.
- vibratory m. very rapid tapping of the surface effected by means of an instrument, usually with an elastic tip. SYN: seismotherapy, sismotherapy, vibrotherapeutics.

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mas·sage mə-'säzh, -'säj n manipulation of tissues (as by rubbing, stroking, kneading, or tapping) with the hand or an instrument esp. for therapeutic purposes
massage vt, mas·saged; mas·sag·ing to treat by means of massage

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manipulation of the soft tissues of the body with the hands. Massage is used to improve circulation, reduce oedema where present, prevent adhesion in tissues after injury, reduce muscular spasm, and improve the tone of muscles. See also effleurage, petrissage, tapotement.

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mas·sage (mə-sahzhґ) [Fr., from Gr. massein to knead] systematic therapeutic friction, stroking, and kneading of the body.

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