1. Displacement of the uterus, with tilting of the entire organ without bending upon itself; such displacement may be anteversion, retroversion, or lateroversion. 2. Change of position of the fetus in the uterus, occurring spontaneously or effected by manipulation. 3. SYN: inclination. 4. Conjugate rotation of the eyes in the same direction; such rotation may be dextroversion, levoversion, supraversion, or infraversion. [L. verto, pp. versus, to turn]
- bimanual v. turning of the baby in utero, performed by the hands acting upon both extremities of the fetus; it may be external v. or combined v.. SYN: bipolar v..
- bipolar v. SYN: bimanual v..
- cephalic v. v. in which the fetus is turned so that the head presents; can be external cephalic v. or internal cephalic v.. SEE ALSO: external cephalic v., internal cephalic v..
- combined v. bipolar v. by means of one hand in the vagina, the other on the abdominal wall.
- external cephalic v. v. performed entirely by external manipulation. SEE ALSO: cephalic v..
- internal cephalic v. v. performed by means of one hand within the uterus. SEE ALSO: cephalic v..
- internal podalic v. maneuver to deliver the fetus by inserting a hand into the uterine cavity, grasping one or both feet, and drawing them through the cervix; rarely indicated today except for the delivery of a second twin. SYN: podalic v..
- pelvic v. v. by means of which a transverse or oblique presentation is converted into a pelvic presentation by manipulating the buttocks of the fetus.
- podalic v. SYN: internal podalic v..
- postural v. nonmanual v. obtained by changing the position of the mother.
- Potter v. obsolete term for a v. in which both feet are brought down until the buttocks are delivered, the back is then rotated to an anterior position, the arms and shoulders are delivered by twisting and downward movements.
- spontaneous v. turning of the fetus effected by the unaided contraction of the uterine muscle.
- Wright v. a cephalic v. employed in cases of shoulder presentation when the shoulders are pushed upward while the breech is moved toward the center of the uterus by the other hand; the head is then guided into the pelvis.

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ver·sion 'vər-zhən, -shən n
1) a condition in which an organ and esp. the uterus is turned from its normal position
2) manual turning of a fetus in the uterus to aid delivery

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a manoeuvre to alter the position of a fetus in the uterus to facilitate delivery. For example, the fetus may be turned from a transverse to a longitudinal position or from a buttocks-first to a head-first presentation (see cephalic version).

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ver·sion (vurґzhən) [L. versio, turning] 1. the act or process of turning something or of changing direction. 2. the situation of an organ or part in relation to an established normal position. 3. in gynecology, the tilting of the uterus; cf. flexion (def. 2). 4. in obstetrics, the manual conversion of or changing of the polarity of the fetus with reference to the mother; cf. presentation. 5. in ophthalmology, the conjugate rotation of both eyes in the same direction. See infraversion and sursumversion, and see duction and vergence (def. 2).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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