Relating to a vein or to the veins. SYN: phleboid (2). [L. venosus]

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ve·nous 'vē-nəs adj
1 a) full of or characterized by veins
b) made up of or carried on by veins <the \venous circulation>
2) of, relating to, or performing the functions of a vein <a \venous inflammation> <\venous arteries>
3) of blood having passed through the capillaries and given up oxygen for the tissues and become charged with carbon dioxide and ready to pass through the respiratory organs to release its carbon dioxide and renew its oxygen supply: dark red from reduced hemoglobin compare ARTERIAL (2)

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ve·nous (veґnəs) [L. venosus] of or pertaining to the veins.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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