Pertaining to the macula. A macula is a small spot. A macula on the skin is a small flat spot while the macula in the eye is a small spot where vision is keenest in the retina. The macula of the retina, the light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the eye, is the best known macula. It is in the center of the retina. As we read, light is focused onto our macula where millions of cells change the light into nerve signals that tell the brain what we are seeing. This is called central vision thanks to which we are able to read, drive, and perform other activities that require fine, sharp, straight-ahead vision. If the macula begins to degenerate, central visions begins to go.

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mac·u·lar 'mak-yə-lər adj
1) of, relating to, or characterized by a spot or spots <a \macular skin rash>
2) of, relating to, affecting, or mediated by the macula lutea <\macular vision> <the \macular area of the retina>

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mac·u·lar (makґu-lər) 1. pertaining to or characterized by macules. 2. pertaining to the macula lutea.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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