Macrobiotic refers to the macrobiota, a region’s living organisms (or flora and fauna) large enough to be seen with the naked eye. However, macro- comes from the Greek "makros" meaning not only "large" but also "long". So macrobiotic can also be taken to mean "long life." Thus, the idea with a macrobiotic diet is that it is for a long life, that is that the diet will lengthen life.
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1. Long lived. 2. Tending to prolong life.

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mac·ro·bi·ot·ic .mak-rō-bī-'ät-ik, -bē- adj of, relating to, or being a diet that consists of whole cereals and grains supplemented esp. with beans and vegetables and that in its esp. former more restrictive forms has been linked to nutritional deficiencies

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