1. Having but one pole; denoting a nerve cell from which the branches project from one side only. 2. Situated at one extremity only of a cell.

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uni·po·lar .yü-ni-'pō-lər adj
1) having but one process <a \unipolar neuron>
2) relating to or being a manic-depressive disorder in which there is a depressive phase only <\unipolar depression> compare BIPOLAR (3)
3) involving or being electrodes or leads recording electrical potentials between the scalp and the ground or a distant bodily site

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(in neurology) describing a neurone that has one main process extending from the cell body. Compare bipolar.

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uni·po·lar (u″nĭ-poґlər) [uni- + polar] 1. having a single pole or process, as a nerve cell. 2. pertaining to mood disorders in which only depressive episodes occur.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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