A microscope that utilizes refracted light for visualizing objects not visible with the ordinary microscope when direct light is used.

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ul·tra·mi·cro·scope .əl-trə-'mī-krə-.skōp n an apparatus for making visible by scattered light particles too small to be perceived by the ordinary microscope called also dark-field microscope
ul·tra·mi·cros·co·py -mī-'kräs-kə-pē n, pl -pies

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a microscope for examining particles suspended in a gas or liquid under intense illumination from one side. Light is scattered or reflected from the particles, which can be seen through the eyepiece as bright objects against a dark background.

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ul·tra·mi·cro·scope (ul″trə-miґkro-skōp) a special darkfield microscope for the examination of particles of colloidal size. See darkfield illumination, under illumination, and darkfield microscope, under microscope.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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