1. Abbreviation for unit. 2. Symbol for kilurane; uranium; uridine in polymers; uracil; urinary concentration, followed by subscripts indicating location and chemical species.
Symbol for internal energy.
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congenital limb absence; in electrocardiography, an undulating deflection that follows the T wave; internal energy; International Unit of enzyme activity; Mann-Whitney rank sum statistic; potential difference (in volts); ulcer; ulna; ultralente [insulin]; umbilicus; uncertain; unerupted; unit [JCAHO unapproved abbreviation]; universal application [residency]; unknown; unsharpness; upper; uracil; uranium; urea; urethra; uridine; uridylic acid; urinary concentration; urine; urology; uterus; uvula; volume velocity

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U abbr uracil
U symbol uranium

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uranium; uracil; uridine; international unit of enzyme activity; unit (on the JCAHO "Do Not Use" List).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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