Decarboxylated tyrosine, a sympathomimetic amine having an action in some respects resembling that of epinephrine; present in ergot, mistletoe, ripe cheese, beers, red wines, and putrefied animal matter; elevated in individuals with tyrosinemia type II.
- t. oxidase SYN: amine oxidase (flavin-containing).

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ty·ra·mine 'tī-rə-.mēn n a phenolic amine C8H11NO that is found in various foods and beverages (as cheese and red wine), has a sympathomimetic action, and is derived from tyrosine

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an amine naturally occurring in cheese. It has a similar effect in the body to that of adrenaline. This effect can be dangerous in patients taking MAO inhibitor (antidepressants), in whom blood pressure may become very high. Cheese is therefore not advised when such drugs are prescribed.

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ty·ra·mine (tiґrə-mēn) a decarboxylation product of tyrosine, which may be converted to cresol and phenol; closely related structurally to epinephrine and norepinephrine, it has a similar but weaker action. It is found in decayed animal tissue, ripe cheese, and ergot.

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