SYN: tubercle. [L. dim. of tuber, a knob, swelling, tumor]
- t. adductorium femoris [TA] SYN: adductor tubercle of femur.
- t. anterius atlantis [TA] SYN: anterior tubercle of atlas.
- t. anterius thalami [TA] SYN: anterior thalamic tubercle.
- t. anterius vertebrarum cervicalium [TA] SYN: anterior tubercle of cervical vertebrae.
- tubercula areolae [TA] SYN: areolar tubercles, under tubercle.
- t. arthriticum 1. SYN: Heberden nodes, under node. 2. any gouty concretion in or around a joint.
- t. articulare ossis temporalis [TA] SYN: articular tubercle of temporal bone.
- t. auriculae [TA] SYN: auricular tubercle.
- t. calcanei [TA] SYN: calcaneal tubercle.
- t. caroticum [TA] SYN: carotid tubercle.
- t. cinereum a longitudinal prominence on the dorsolateral surface of the medulla oblongata along the lateral border of the t. cuneatum; it is the surface profile of the spinal tract of trigeminal nerve, continuous caudally with the dorsolateral fasciculus (Lissauer tract).
- t. conoideum (claviculare) [TA] SYN: conoid tubercle (of clavicle).
- t. corniculatum [TA] SYN: corniculate tubercle.
- t. coronae SYN: dental tubercle.
- t. costae [TA] SYN: tubercle of rib.
- t. cuneatum SYN: cuneate tubercle.
- t. cuneiforme [TA] SYN: cuneiform tubercle.
- t. deltoideum (spinae scapulae) [TA] SYN: deltoid tubercle (of spine of scapula).
- t. dentis [TA] SYN: dental tubercle.
- t. dorsale radii [TA] SYN: dorsal tubercle of radius.
- t. epiglotticum [TA] SYN: epiglottic tubercle.
- t. gracile SYN: gracile tubercle.
- t. hypoglossi SYN: hypoglossal trigone.
- t. iliacum [TA] SYN: tubercle of iliac crest.
- t. impar a small median protuberance on the floor of the oral cavity of the embryo between the mandibular and hyoid arches, which plays a minor role in the development of the tongue. SYN: median tongue bud.
- t. infraglenoidale (scapulae) [TA] SYN: infraglenoid tubercle (of scapula).
- t. intercondylare (mediale et laterale) [TA] SYN: intercondylar tubercle.
- t. intervenosum (atrii dextri) [TA] SYN: intervenous tubercle (of right atrium).
- t. jugulare ossis occipitalis [TA] SYN: jugular tubercle of occipital bone.
- t. labii superioris [TA] SYN: tubercle of upper lip.
- t. laterale (processus posterioris) tali [TA] SYN: lateral tubercle (of posterior process) of talus.
- t. majus (humeri) [TA] SYN: greater tubercle (of humerus).
- t. mallei SYN: lateral process of malleus.
- t. marginale (ossis zygomatici) [TA] SYN: marginal tubercle (of zygomatic bone).
- t. mediale (processus posterioris) tali [TA] SYN: medial tubercle (of posterior process) of talus.
- t. mentale (mandibulae) [TA] SYN: mental tubercle (of mandible).
- t. minus (humeri) [TA] SYN: lesser tubercle (of humerus).
- t. molare [TA] SYN: molar tubercle.
- t. musculi scaleni anterioris [TA] SYN: scalene tubercle.
- t. obturatorium [TA] SYN: obturator tubercle.
- t. olfactorium [TA] SYN: olfactory tubercle.
- t. orbitale ossis zygomatici [TA] SYN: orbital tubercle (of zygomatic bone).
- t. ossis scaphoidei [TA] SYN: tubercle of scaphoid (bone).
- t. ossis trapezii [TA] SYN: t. of trapezium bone.
- t. pharyngeum (partis basilaris ossis occipitalis) [TA] SYN: pharyngeal tubercle (of basilar part of occipital bone).
- t. posterius atlantis [TA] SYN: posterior tubercle of atlas.
- t. posterius vertebrarum cervicalium [TA] SYN: posterior tubercle of cervical vertebrae.
- t. pubicum [TA] SYN: pubic tubercle.
- t. sellae [TA] the slight elevation in front of the pituitary fossa (sella turcica) on the body of the sphenoid bone. SYN: tubercle of saddle.
- t. septi narium a flat elevation on the septum in each naris opposite the anterior end of the middle concha; it is due to an aggregation of glands.
- t. superius SYN: auricular tubercle.
- t. supraglenoidale (scapulae) [TA] SYN: supraglenoid tubercle (of scapula).
- t. supratragicum [TA] SYN: supratragic tubercle.
- t. thyroideum inferius [TA] SYN: inferior thyroid tubercle.
- t. thyroideum superius [TA] SYN: superior thyroid tubercle.
- t. of trapezium bone [TA] a prominent ridge on the trapezium forming the lateral border of the groove in which runs the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis and to which part of the transverse carpal ligament (flexor retinaculum) is attached. SYN: t. ossis trapezii [TA], oblique ridge of trapezium, tubercle of trapezium (bone).
- t. trigeminale [TA] SYN: trigeminal tubercle.

* * *

tu·ber·cu·lum t(y)u̇-'bər-kyə-ləm n, pl -la -lə TUBERCLE

* * *

tu·ber·cu·lum (too-burґku-ləm) pl. tuberґcula [L., dim. of tuber] [TA] tubercle; anatomical nomenclature for a nodule, or small eminence, such as a rough, rounded eminence on a bone; similar structures may be called tubers or tuberosities.

Descriptions of tubercles are given on TA terms, and include anglicized names of specific tubercles.

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