The surgical removal of a small tumor (a lump) which may or may not be benign (or malignant). Lumpectomy has come to refer specially to the removal of a lump from the breast. The word "lumpectomy" is a hybrid term. "Lump" is of Middle English origin while "-ectomy" comes from two Greek roots "ek" (out) + "tome" (a cutting) = a cutting of. So a lumpectomy is literally "a cutting out of a lump." A lumpectomy is as opposed to a mastectomy in which the breast is removed. It is a more conservative approach to breast tumor surgery.
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Removal of either a benign or malignant lesion from the breast with preservation of essential anatomy of the breast; tylectomy involving breast tissue. [lump + G. ektome, excision]

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lump·ec·to·my .ləm-'pek-tə-mē n, pl -mies excision of a breast tumor with a limited amount of associated tissue called also tylectomy compare QUADRANTECTOMY

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an operation for breast cancer in which the tumour and surrounding breast tissue are removed: muscles, skin, and lymph nodes are left intact (compare mastectomy). The procedure, usually followed by radiation, is indicated for patients with a tumour less than 2 cm in diameter and who have no metastases to local lymph nodes or to distant organs.

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lum·pec·to·my (ləm-pekґtə-me) 1. surgical excision of only the palpable lesion in carcinoma of the breast; called also tylectomy. 2. surgical removal of a mass. Cf. excisional biopsy.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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