Outermost layer of cells in the mammalian blastodermic vesicle, which will make contact with the endometrium and take part in establishing the embryo's means of receiving nutrition; the cell layer from which the trophoblast differentiates. [troph- + ectoderm]

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troph·ec·to·derm .trōf-'ek-tə-.dərm n TROPHOBLAST esp the outer layer of the mammalian blastocyst after differentiation of the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm when the outer layer is continuous with the ectoderm of the embryo

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troph·ec·to·derm (trof-ekґto-dərm) [tropho- + ectoderm] the outer layer of cells of the early blastocyst; the earliest trophoblast.

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