A usually solitary tumor or hamartoma in which multiple abortive hair follicles open into a central cyst or space opening on the skin surface. [tricho- + L. folliculus, fountain, spring, + G. -oma, tumor]

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tricho·fol·lic·u·lo·ma (trik″o-fə-lik″u-loґmə) [tricho- + folliculus + -oma] a type of benign adnexal tumor, a hamartoma of the hair follicle, usually solitary, dome-shaped, and nodular with a central pore containing a woolly, hairlike tuft. It usually occurs on the head or neck and is characterized histologically by a central keratinous cystic cavity into which numerous abortive hair follicles radiate. Called also hair follicle nevus.

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