A genus of insects (subfamily Triatominae, family Reduviidae) that includes important vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi, such as T. dimidiata, T. infestans, and T. maculata.

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tri·at·o·ma trī-'at-ə-mə n
1) cap a genus of large blood-sucking bugs that are usu. placed in the family Reduviidae but sometimes assigned to a separate family and that feed on mammals and sometimes transmit Chagas' disease to their hosts see CONENOSE
2) any bug of the genus Triatoma

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a genus of bloodsucking bugs (see reduviid). T. infestans is important in transmitting Chagas' disease in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.

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Tri·at·o·ma (tri-atґo-mə) the 1. cone-nose bugs, a genus of insects of the family Reduviidae; many species are important vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi, the etiologic agent of Chagas disease. These include T. dimidiaґta, T. geniculaґta, and T. mexicaґna in Mexico and Central America; T. gerstacekґeri, T. protracґta, and T. sanguisuґga in the southern United States; T. recuґva and T. rubiґda in Arizona; and T. infesґtans (the unchuca or great black bug), T. nigrovaґrius, T. sorґdida, and T. vitґticeps in South America. Several of the species in the United States and Mexico are called Mexican bedbugs and inflict painful bites that cause swelling and nausea. Species T. megista has been renamed Panstrongylus megistus.

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