Medical or surgical management of a patient. SEE ALSO: therapy, therapeutics. [Fr. traitement (see treat)]
- active t. a therapeutic substance or course intended to ameliorate the basic disease problem, as opposed to supportive or palliative t.. Cf.:causal t..
- Carrel t. t. of wound surfaces by intermittent flushing with Dakin solution. SYN: Dakin-Carrel t..
- causal t. t. aimed at reversing the causal factor in a disease.
- conservative t. a course of therapeutic action designed to avoid harm, with less possibility of benefit than more risky actions.
- Dakin-Carrel t. SYN: Carrel t..
- dietetic t. t. of a clinical condition with a specific diet.
- empiric t. a t. based on experience, usually without adequate data to support its use.
- endodontic t. SYN: root canal t..
- Goeckerman t. a t. for psoriasis; the involved areas are painted with a solution of coal tar, or are covered with crude coal tar ointment and subsequently irradiated with ultraviolet (UVB).
- heat t. in dentistry, a method of controlled temperature handling of metals so as to change the microscopic structure and thus the physical properties. SEE ALSO: temper, anneal.
- insulin coma t. formerly used t. of major mental illness by means of hypoglycemic coma induced by insulin. SYN: insulin shock t..
- insulin shock t. SYN: insulin coma t..
- isoserum t. therapeutic use of serum taken from a person having or having had the same disease as the patient under t..
- Kenny t. an obsolete method for the t. of anterior poliomyelitis; the affected parts were wrapped in woolen cloth wrung out with hot water; after the acute stage of the disease had passed, the limbs were passively exercised to reeducate the paralyzed muscles.
- light t. SYN: phototherapy.
- medical t. t. of disease by hygienic and pharmacologic remedies, as distinguished from invasive surgical procedures.
- Mitchell t. t. of mental illness by rest, nourishing diet, and a change of environment. SYN: Weir Mitchell t..
- moral t. a type of milieu therapy utilized in the 19th century, emphasizing religious doctrine and benevolent guidance in activities of daily living; as such it was a form of psychotherapy as opposed to somatic treatments such as bloodletting and purging.
- Nauheim t. t. of certain cardiac affections by baths in water through which carbonic acid gas is bubbling, followed by resisting exercises. SYN: Nauheim bath, Schott t.. [Bad Nauheim, W. Germany]
- palliative t. t. to alleviate symptoms without curing the disease.
- preventive t. SYN: prophylactic t..
- prophylactic t. the institution of measures designed to protect a person from an attack of a disease to which the person has been or is liable to be exposed. SYN: preventive t..
- root canal t. 1. the means by which painful or diseased teeth, in which the pulp is involved, are restored to a healthy state; 2. removal of a normal, diseased, or dead pulp by biochemical and mechanical means, enlargement and sterilization of the root canal, followed by filling the canal, to effect healing of diseased periapical tissues; 3. the diagnosis and t. of diseases of the pulp and their sequelae. SYN: endodontic t..
- Schott t. SYN: Nauheim t..
- shock t. electroshock therapy.
- solar t. SYN: solar therapy.
- symptomatic t. therapy aimed at relieving symptoms without necessarily affecting the basic underlying cause(s) of the symptoms.
- Tallerman t. use of special apparatus to administer dry heat to rheumatic disorders, traumatic sprains, etc.
- thymus t. t. of disease by administration of extracts of thymus gland.
- Tweed edgewise t. edgewise appliance.
- Weir Mitchell t. SYN: Mitchell t..

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treat·ment 'trēt-mənt n
1) the action or manner of treating a patient medically or surgically <\treatment of tuberculosis>
2) an instance of treating <the cure required many \treatments>

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treat·ment (trētґmənt) the management and care of a patient for the purpose of combating disease or disorder. See also under care, maneuver, method, technique, test, and therapy.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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